Profit Loss Statement Preparation

Profit Loss Statement PreparationGet a clear picture of your business’ financial situation with a profit loss statement prepared by Accounts and Advice

Profit and loss statements - also known as income and expenditure statements - are a necessary part of any business. These documents enable you to understand what your financial position is and what you can come to expect in the coming months, or even years. With an accurate P&L statement, you can manage your cash flow and make informed decisions concerning your company’s growth and assets.

Accounts And Advice bookkeepers can prepare industry-specific financial reports on a monthly or quarterly basis including profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements and management and board reports.

We have qualified Melbourne bookkeepers and accountants with considerable experience across several industries and specialisations such as:

  • charity sector and not-for-profit organisations
  • construction and infrastructure
  • transport and logistics
  • agriculture
  • hospitality and tourism
  • retail and
  • financial services.

Accounts And Advice can provide a profit and loss statement to allow you to analyse your income and expenditures in terms of cost of goods sold, fixed expenses and variable expenses. By arranging financial reports regularly, you will obtain a good understanding of your business with mark-up, margin and break-even calculations.

You can also forecast the future plans of the business and maximise profits with the profit and loss statement Accounts And Advice prepares. Our bookkeeping services can help you use this information to make important business decisions, analyse budgets, manage your inventory and maximise your profits.