Payroll Outsourcing


Are you currently employing full or part time accounting, bookkeepers, accounts payable/receivable or payroll staff? Are your overheads too high?

Accounts & Advice , offers outsource bookkeeping services Melbourne andpayroll services Melbourne and Austalia wide which improve quality levels at the same time as saving you money, whether you are in Melbourne, or somewhere else in Australia. We ensure proper checks and balances are in place to ensure the accuracy of our solutions. You can choose complete outsource bookkeeper services and payroll services for all of your functions or you can opt for one or more specific functions to be outsourced such as:


  • Outsource Bookkeeping Service
  • Outsource Payroll Outsourcing Service
  • Outsource Accounts Receivable
  • Outsource Accounts Payable
  • Outsource Financial Reporting
  • Outsource Budgeting
  • Outsource BAS, IAS, PAYG

Accounts & Advice can deliver these functions accurately and efficiently and is therefore able to provide these services at a lower cost to your business. Savings of 50% are realistic. No more worrying about accounts staff,bookkeepers or payroll staff. No more worrying about service levels. A qualified bookkeeper, accountant, or payroll specialist will be dedicated to your organisation.

We design outsourcing solutions around your requirements. Obviously, the more you outsource the more you save. We also provide a FREE initial assessment and quote.


  • Cost Reduction of 50%
  • Qualified Accountant or IT Professional dedicated to your business
  • Save on overheads associated with onsite bookkeeping (rent, salary on costs)
  • Non core activity outsourced, allowing you to concentrate on your core business
  • Professional receivables management
  • Budgeting and financial modelling expertise

Outsource Bookkeeping and Payroll Process by Accounts & Advice

How it Works

1. Accounts & Advice collects and return your documents; or
You either fax, scan and email, or post your documents to us:

2. Accounts & Advice connect to your computer using remote desktop connection. An internet connection is required; or You email to us a backup of your Quickbooks or MYOB file.

3. Accounts & Advice, updates your accounts.

Bookkeeping Services Melbourne - FAQs

Is the data yours? Is it secure?

You retain ownership of the data and the accounting software. The data file remains yours whether you use your accounting software or ours. The data file remains on your computer and is secure.

Can you use the accounting software for invoicing?

Yes, you may still prepare invoices using the same software.

What about payroll?

Timesheets can be emailed to us for processing in our office. We can then email you the payslips and amounts to pay. The timesheets need to include all payroll items including hours worked, sick leave, annual leave and long service leave. Other payroll items such as leave loading, superannuation, (employer and employee contributions to superannuation), employee deductions, salary sacrificing, fringe benefits, PAYG withholding tax and, yearend payment summaries for both employees and employers, are calculated in accordance with the relevant award or employer requirements.

Who does the banking and payments?

Either you or us. It is up to you. Accounts & Advice services includes preparation of a list of payments on a weekly basis for you to pay online or by cheque.

How do you charge?

A free no-obligation quote is provided to all clients before the commencement of work. This is a fixed quote every week or month.

What if the work takes longer than you expect?

The quote is fixed, regardless of how many extra hours it takes to complete.

Do we need special software?

No. Either MYOB or Quickbooks can be used. Accounts & Advice is a partner of both MYOB and Quicken and our software may be used if you choose not to buy one of these accounting software packages.

Do you organise records for my accountant?

Yes, we send your file to your accountant.

What is the difference between Online Bookkeeping, Outsource Bookkeeping and Offsite Bookkeeping?

An offsite bookkeeping service is one where the bookkeeper records transactions on the client's software from his/her own office. The accounting software and data file reside on the client's computer. There are essentially two ways the bookkeeper can access the MYOB or Quickbooks file. One method is to have the client email the data file to the bookkeeper and for the bookkeeper to return the file once transactions have been processed in the accounts. The second method is for the bookkeeper to access the client's computer using a remote connection as many employees currently do when they are outside the office.

Accounts & Advice uses the offsite bookkeeping services model above (as well as the outsource bookkeeping service model described below) to provide offsite bookkeeping services. It is no different to the way your accountant accesses your file to make yearend tax adjustments. The biggest advantage of this model is that bookkeeping costs are up to 50% lower. It is vital to arrange a fixed quote for the work done. A fixed hourly rate is not a fixed cost because the hours can vary. You should ask for a fixed fee not a fixed hourly rate.

In addition, if your business has already purchased its software and computer, you do not need to incur additional costs for a third party to house the software or the file containing the transactions. You maintain control over the software and the data file. However, you are also responsible for the cost of upgrading and renewing the software.

Online bookkeeping services (or online accounting services) usually host the accounting software on a web server on the internet and charge a monthly fee for use of the software. Businesses and/or their bookkeeper can use the accounting software by logging in through the internet. An onlinebookkeeping or accounting service provider allows the client to decide whether it will do its own bookkeeping or whether it utilises the service of a bookkeeper.

Outsourced bookkeeping services or outsourced accounting services involves the bookkeeper or accountant providing the accounting software on its own server/computer and undertaking the bookkeeping for the business as well. Accounts & Advice currently provides this service to clients who prefer not to spend resources on accounting software which needs to be upgraded each year. MYOB and Quickbooks are the two software packages provided by Accounts & Advice