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Save on overheads and improve the accuracy and efficiency of your payroll process by using the most cost effective payroll services and payroll outsourcing Melbourne and Australia wide. Our qualified specialists have the knowledge and experience to deliver you compliant payroll services Melbourne and Australia wide.

We offer comprehensive payroll services and payroll outsourcing at discounted fees including:

  • Discount payroll service, expect to save up to 50% of your total payroll processing costs
  • Payroll processing weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc
  • Termination Payments including calculation of entitlements
  • Annual Leave entitlements and payments
  • Leave loading
  • Long Service Leave entitlements and calculation
  • Sick leave entitlements
  • Superannuation Guarantee Contribution
  • Bonus calculations
  • Commission payments for sales staff
  • Timesheet processing for those on an hourly rate
  • PAYG deductions
  • Pay slips
  • Annual PAYG Employer and Employee Summaries
  • Summary reports per pay run showing all employee payments
  • Banking file for easy upload by your staff to your online banking or a printout of net payments

We provide payroll services Melbourne and Australia wide from our local office. Our payroll outsourcing process is standardised to ensure a seamless transition for you and your staff with the efficiency and professionalism you have come to expect from Melbourne based payroll outsourcing experts Accounts & Advice.

Payroll services and payroll outsourcing for Melbourne, Australia

Outsourcing payroll and other bookkeeping services to a payroll company saves time and resources for many businesses, and allows the companies to concentrate on their main area of business.

Generally, a payroll company will follow a process:

-spread sheets are emailed to the client, detailing the necessary data required and relevant pay rates.

-any changes that need to be made are then done by the client, who then returns the completed spreadsheets via email.

-the spreadsheets are processed by the payroll service.

-the company receives a report, which it reads for accuracy, before authorizing the payroll as correct.

-the payroll service then processes and issues payments to employees, and processes any other requirements.

-it then sends the completed report to the business and issues payslips to the employees.

The payroll service removes the onus on a business to stay aware of changes to laws and regulations regarding its activities. It will take into account any changes, and factor these into the calculations it handles for the business. Further, it will complete and submit any BAS or other taxation requirements.

The high level of accuracy of most payroll services allows both a business and its employees to have faith in the payroll system. Quality payroll service providers employ an automatic system of checking for mistakes, which is done before payments are issued. They are responsible for ensuring these errors do not occur.

Further, the provider will comply with all governmental tax and employment legislation. Through their strong attention to detail, and checking of all data, the risk of taxation penalties or fines for transgressions (that often do occur when a business manually processes its payroll), is greatly reduced.

As a payrolling service is outsourced, it therefore allows for the online transfer of data. Its online system allows access without the requirement of installing and maintaining payroll management software. This online access offers many internet-based tools for staff members to view and print their own pay information and tax forms. The business owner is able to directly enter and monitor payroll deductions and expenses, and therefore have financial regulation.

A good payrolling service will charge a flat fee per payroll cycle. Most will also charge a set-up fee though. Some have a fee structure that will require a further amount for any additional services. These additional services could include further ways of reducing payroll problems, and of increasing efficiency. It could offer to run background checks on employees, or handle employees’ health insurance, life insurance or contributions to superannuation funds.

Choosing a good payroll service provider involves analysing its responsiveness to queries, its record of time taken to produce new accounts or to rectify mistakes. It is beneficial to survey different providers and to compare their levels of customer service, services offered, and fees charged. One should check the market reputation of each before making a decision as to which provider to use, and to then follow the advice of a lawyer and an accountant before signing any contracts.