A bookkeeper melbourne can lodge your BAS Statements

So you are behind on your bookkeeping and the Australian Taxation Office has issued a demand to lodge your BAS Statements. What to do? There’s a simple solution. A registered Melbourne bookkeeper can offer you a fixed price solution and get you up to date.  As a business owner, you’ll have peace of mind and the Tax Office will be off your back.

The first step is to collate all your bank statements. If you have online banking it is simply a matter of downloading your bank transactions into a CSV file. The second step is to provide some source documents such as bills from your suppliers to back up the payments in your bank statements.  Good bookkeepers in Melbourne are able to match the payments shown in the bank statements to the supplier’s bills. This is a process called reconciliation. If your business uses a point of sale system to record your sales you will need to provide it to the bookkeeper.  The bookkeeper will try to match the sales against the receipts in the bank account.

Payroll is another compliance requirement. If a business employs staff it is obliged to withhold PAYG tax from its employees wages. The wages and withheld amounts are shown on the business activity statement. A PAYG Summary needs to be lodged with the Australian Tax Office at the end of the year. A good bookkeeper will be able to offer you compliant payroll services on a cost effective basis.

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